Ivonne Gomez

Ivonne speaks about her work:
"I would tend to say that my first love affair was with a crayon and a white piece of paper.  Ever since I can remember, picking up a pen, crayon or colored pencil and letting my brain waver with thoughts superf

Yiddish Wisdom Box

Wood box, carved and painted.  I spent the better part of my childhood growing up on Miami Beach with a lot of Jewish and Yiddish influences.  This is in honor of those years and all the amazing culture nuances I picked up. Needless to say, they fare well with my Cuban roots.  Each box is hand carved, you will notice that all lines are composed of dots, I am still currently teaching myself how to use the tool.  It has a nasty habit of getting a tad bit hot and my small digits take quick offense. The figures are created in clay, baked, glossed and placed on the box after the box has been stained.  Depending on the size of the piece this can take anywhere from 5 hours to a day or two.

Price: $75.00 USD

Théo Tobiasse

Théo Tobiasse, a world-renowned artist, was born in Israel (then Palestine) in 1927 and died in 2012.  Brought to Paris as a child, he created his earliest drawings before World War II and spent the crucial years of his youth hiding from th

AMERICA, a limited edition lithography by artist Theo Tobiasse

Aida Levitan, Ph.D. President of ArtesMiami, Inc., will donate to ArtesMiami the proceeds of the sale of AMERICA, a limited edition lithography by the world-renowned Israeli-French artist Theo Tobiasse. The work is beautifully framed in gold; it is 50x40 inches (127x102 cm) and it is numbered 18/175. Tobiasse signed the lithography on the lower right. For information, please contact Miguel Angel Guerrero, Guerrero Galeríain Coral Gables, at +1.786.773.3282 or miguelangel@guerrerogaleria.es.

Price: $9000.00 USD


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Yiddish Wisdom Box
AMERICA, a limited edition lithography by artist Theo Tobiasse

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January 14, 2021

ArtesMiami presented a cultural event for children in coordination with the Cuatrogatos Foundation.

ArtesMiami, through a program sponsored by the City of Miami (Mayor Francis Suárez and Commissioners), presented a cultural event for childr

December 22, 2020

The President of ArtesMiami, Dr. Aida Levitan, announces that Congress approves the Smithsonian American Latino Museum on the National Mall in Washington.

The President of ArtesMiami, Dr. Aida Levitan, who was a member of the Commission of the National Museum of the American Latino (N

December 12, 2020

ArtesMiami supported Best Documentary Film of 2020

MUCHO MUCHO AMOR: THE LEGEND OF WALTER MERCADO has been been selected as the Best Documentary Film of 2020 by the popular newspape

March 14, 2020

ArtesMiami Mourns the Loss of Writer Lilliam Moro

At dawn on Saturday, March 14, just six days after turning 74, Cuban exile writer Lilliam Moro died in her Miami apartment. She had been born in Ha

December 19, 2019

Editorial Ultramar Renamed Editorial ArtesMiami

With the December 2019 publication of the poetry collection La floresta

August 13, 2018

ArtesMiami's Editorial Ultramar Presents Lilliam Moro and El Silencio y la Furia August 14 at 6:30 p.m.

The editorial division of ArtesMiami, Editorial Ultramar, invites you to the poetry reading by Lilliam Moro, an a

June 28, 2018

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June 28, 2018

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