Lilian Moro

Author: Lilian Moro

Silence & Fury • By Lilliam Moro • In Spanish

The editorial division of ArtesMiami, Editorial Ultramar, presented in April 2018, the new poetry book by Lilliam Moro, an award-winning Cuban-American poet. El Silencio y la Furia, published by Ultramar in Spanish on March 21st, at 8 p.m., was featured at a reading at the Coral Gables Books and Books, 265 Aragon Avenue. The book is now available for sale at Books and Books, for only $10 and also through this website.

Lilliam Moro is the author of numerous poetry books, two of which have won national awards. She resides in South Florida and has also published novels and essays. 

The book was edited by writer and critic Luis de la Paz, who will introduce Ms. Moro at the reading. ArtesMiami President Aida Levitan, Ph.D., will give the welcome at the event.

ArtesMiami makes it possible for great poets to publish their books at no cost to them, distributes the books and promotes in local media and through its proprietary database of 7,000+ South Florida residents.

ArtesMiami thanks Books and Books for its continued support in presenting and promoting the poetry books published by Editorial Ultramar.