Several authors

Author: Several authors

La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible

Poetry is alive and well thanks to the Miami- based non-profit publishing organization Editorial Ultramar. La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible (Miami, 2009), is a diverse collection of South Florida Spanish- language poetry. The title of the book is inspired by a phrase from Espacio, a poem in prose by Juan Ramún Jiménez, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. With this phrase, Jimé nez described the Miami of the 1940s.

The collection is the result of a contest among South Florida poets from various Hispanic origins. Close to 100 poets submitted five poems each, and a jury of literary critics and experts selected 32 poets and 107 poems for inclusion in the book. Award-winning Spanish novelist Carlos Rojas wrote the preface, in which he analyzes the poems and the poets in the book, pointing out that they, like Dante Allighieri, are influenced by their separation from their country of origin but, unlike other writers, do it say a word of hate against those responsible for their exile. As critic Willliam Navarrete has pointed out, there is a sense of loss, absence, of questions without answer, when the poets face the city in which destiny has placed them. But the pain also results in the humor or irony reflected in some of the poems.

Poems by:

Armando Alvarez-Bravo
Angel Antonio Moreno
Silvio Ambrogi
Manuel Castro
Francisco J. Corces
Julie de Grandy
Rodrigo de la Luz
Julió Estorino
Orlando Ignacio Fernandez
Ramón Fernandez-Larrea
Alejandra Ferrazza
Dennis Forton
Marlene Fuentes
Teresita Herrera Muióa
Magda Kraw
Félix Lizarraga
Rodolfo Martínez Sotomayor
Mariblanca Quiónes
Ernesto Ravelo
Janisset Rivero
Orlando Rossardi
José Soroa

The Aetna Foundation, Dr. Aida Levitan, Victoria London, the Center of the Florida Literary Arts of Miami Dade College and Books & Books have contributed to the publication of La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible.